New Brancepeth

New Brancepeth is a village in County Durham. It is situated to the west of Durham.  New Brancepeth colliery also known as Sleetburn colliery.  The New Brancepeth of Sleetburn Colliery work the royalties belonging to Lord Boyne, where extensive mining operations are carried on by the New Brancepeth Coal Co., Ltd. This colliery was first commenced by Alex. Brodie Cochrane, Esq., in 1856. The “Busty” seam as proved at fifty fathoms. Coals were drawn from this seam in 1858, though only for two years. In 1865 another shaft was sunk, this time to the “Brockwell,” which was reached at a depth of 70 fathoms, coal being worked in 1867. A third shaft was sunk in 1872, and firebrick works erected, and altogether they give employment to about 700 men and boys.

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